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What Is a Full Set Manicure?

A manicure can refer to different techniques and procedures. Full Set can refer to filing and shaping your natural fingernails, or to the enhancement of your nails to be thicker, longer and colored. The cost varies, but there are many quality products you can use at home that yield results similar to nail salon manicures.

The procedure varies by salon and by type of manicure. All manicures begin by removing any dirt or color from your fingernails. Then a manicure technician files your nails to the appropriate shape after soaking and grooming the cuticle around your nail. Nail lacquer is applied in coats starting with a primer or base coat, adding a color coat and finishing with a top coat to seal and shine.

At Nail Center Spa, we offer the highest levels of luxury and sanitation for our clients; while always providing the best value and keeping our prices affordable.

Our Premium and Deluxe services will now feature individual spa sets, featuring Sea Salt Soaks, Sugar Scrubs, Masks & Lotions in a variety of scents, which you can choose!

We carry over 500 polish colors, in O.P.I. and Essie brands, and over 400 gel colors. Something for every taste and occasion!

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